Fiona McEnroy Healthy Ever After

fiona's Healthy ever after

Fiona McEnroy, Nutritionist & Chef and Director of Healthy Cooking Camp for Kids.

Galway City

€80.00 for 1 hour Nutritional Consultation

Fiona first qualified as a professional Chef before becoming interested in the area of Nutritional Therapy. Having struggled with skin issues for most of her life, she eventually turned to whole foods for the answer. The results inspired her to return to college and become a CNM accredited Nutritional Therapist. Now a Mum of two, she combines her love for food and her scientific understanding of the body to create personalised, healthy, eating plans for busy lifestyles. She also runs Healthy Cooking Camps for Kids, making healthy eating fun while teaching children the importance of a balanced diet. With her Practice in Galway City, Fiona is available for consultations by appointment. To begin your journey, fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire to the left or download it here.