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Laura's Healthy ever after

Laura Slattery, Nutritionist, Co. Clare

Laura has worked in the health food industry for the past five years and is currently working with leading Probiotic company OptiBac Probiotics as a Trainer and Sales Representative. She is currently not practicing at present but she will happily refer you to her colleague if required.

Laura graduated with an Honours Degree in Food Science and Health (BSc) from the University of Limerick, and top of her class as an accredited Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). After working for several years as a Food Microbiologist for a global food manufacturer, she returned to study her true passion: nutrition. Laura has experienced first-hand the impact hidden food intolerances can have on everyday life – from energy levels to skin irritations to physical and mental wellbeing and many more in between. She is passionate about helping people to understand how small changes to diet and lifestyle can bring huge benefits to their lives. 

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